Meet Stan!

Stan is a tiny purple monster! But I bet you could tell that already. He also loves to jump rope and skip stones, eat the heads of gummy bears, and when he has a bad day, he likes to listen to thrash metal on his headphones (he may be a monster, but he's ALWAYS polite!).
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Hi, I'm Heidi!

I’ve always loved things that are a bit quirky. I hope you do as well. So that you better understand my Collection, here’s a bit about me. I started out in costuming in 2000 by making myself a costume to wear to the Ren Faire. Some of my favorite costumes to make are cartoon characters and historical recreations.

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Featured Creations

Yarn Hair Falls Yarn Hair Falls

Each pair of Falls contain 300 yards of yarn in varying textures, fibers and colors....

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